‘Spider Sisters’ film


Joe Sangre


Pre-production, concept art, pitch

Concept art and pitch collateral for a forth-coming film by UK-based writer/director, Joe Sangre (Lights Out For Xmas Town, The Gentrification Of Alejandro Ortiz).

Aracnacia – Spider Goddess concept and key frame

Don Carlos – character concept (v1 & v2)

Jellyface – character concept (post feedback amends)

Jellyface 3D model (early amends) turntable

Eva and Angelina Tarantula – character concepts (v1 and 2)

Initial composition – Sketch Up

Assets blocked out

Key Frame – film opening

Margarite – character concept (post feedback amends)

‘La Tortuga Negra’ – vehicle concept (open and closed)

Vic Vulture – character concept and safari building