LEGO VR Rollercoaster


Illustrator / Concept Artist


LEGOLAND Malaysia & Florida




2D illustration and Concept Art



Working for Andy White Creative.

Concept art for multiple areas of the Malaysia and Florida LEGO VR Rollercoaster rides. Elements all transferred to real world build included:

  • Ride entrance
  • Queue lines (not shown)
  • Photo opportunity points
  • Loading bay
  • Hill lift

Working from a pre-rendered rough cut of the 3D animation, we conceptualised the guest experience from the entrance of the ride through to the finish.

Focussed on the child’s experience, the entire ride is interactive and has a lot to keep visitors engaged before they take their seats and set off on the World’s First LEGO Virtual Reality Coaster.

Ride Loading Bay concept (both locations)

Final working concept used for production team (Florida)

Press photo of the ride entrance on open day (Florida)

Hill lift concept art (Florida)

Interactive queue-line LEGO board for kids to create their own custom vehicles while they wait their turn

Cart redesign (paint over)

Full broadwalk / approach of Malaysia's ride entrance and photo op

Photobooth redesign (paint over)