Pub Company Design Work

Artichoke Hot Drinks loyalty card (print)

The Three Compasses logo (Aldenham, Herts)

Cross-site redeemable gift vouchers (printed) with collectable stickers

Bodega menu example (print and online)

Point of Sale (table talkers) for Bodega drinks promotion

The Aspirational Pub Company logo, business cards and staff training folders

Training Material (pre-rebrand)

Training Material (pre-rebrand)

Training material (employee testing, induction video and web design)


In my role as in-house graphic design and marketing manager at The Aspirational Pub Company, I produced collateral ranging from menus to full brand conceptualisation and launch.

A small selection of examples from my time creating material across the five distinct brands are included.

In addition, I designed and ran entire Marketing / CRM projects using Mailchimp on both scheduled (typically seasonal), projects and ad-hoc promotions.


In-house Designer


The Aspirational Pub Company




Design, Print & Web